Power & Energy

With significant experience in generation, tra nsmission and distribution, planning and management, policy development, efficiency improvement, reduction of loss, and exploration under subsector of Coal, Oil, Gas, Power, Energy, LNG & LPG. The firms provide full range of services in the field of pre-feasibility, policy and planning, design of projects, capacity building and implementation assistance, monitoring and evaluation, impact evaluation, survey and development studies.

Sl Title Type Sector Client Period
1 Interim Feasibility Study for Bheramara 600 MW Dual Fuel Combine Cycle Power Plant for BPDB Complete Power & Energy SKODA, Czech Republic 2018-2017
2 Feed for Installation of ERL, Unit-2, Soil Investigation Works (SPMT Access Road & Temporary Lay Down Area) Complete Power & Energy Technip/ ERL 2017-2018
3 ADB TA-8474 BAN: Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Development Investment Program-001 Conducting Due Diligence (45203-002) Complete Power & Energy Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2014-2014
4 Consulting Services for Up-gradation of Technical and Fiscal Terms of the Model Production Sharing Contract (MPSC) for Oil & Gas Exploration in Bangladesh- IDA Credit No. : 5158-BD Complete Power & Energy Power Cell 2017-2018
5 Feasibility Studies and Development of New Business Models for Solar Parks at Two Sites in Bangladesh (Package-S-03) [ADB Loan 3523 BAN (COL)] Ongoing Power & Energy Power Cell 2019-2021
6 Feasibility Study in Allocated Sites for Wind Power Generation of Bangladesh Power Sector Development and Capacity Building Project under Power Cell, Power Division [ADB Loan 3523 BAN (COL)] Ongoing Power & Energy Power Cell 2019-2021