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Development Technical Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (DTCL) is an ISO 9001:2015 leading consulting firm of Bangladesh founded in 2001. Appropriate and adequate technical know-how is one of the pre-requisites for the development of the country. But its lack has greatly hampered the country’s development work - a common phenomenon observed in all developing countries. Hence, the increase in technical capabilities, both qualitative and quantitative, of Bangladeshi professionals’ needs immediate attention, Economic development of the country is in fact directly proportional to its technical capabilities. DTCL is duly registered with ADB through CMS No. 012563 and the World Bank including other bilateral and multilateral donors and government agencies.

Bangladesh, like the most developing countries, had to import comparatively high cost expatriate technical manpower for development initiation like feasibility studies, planning, design, tender documents preparation and construction supervision. However, it began, like the other developing countries, to develop its own expertise in different development fields. Higher technical and management know-how has been acquired over the years, either by co-working with or working directly under the guidance of the expatriates. To fill up the existing void in the technical know-how, and eventually to fulfil the development needs of the country by experts, DTCL initially started as Proprietorship Company in 2001 which later incorporated as limited company in 2007 under the office of the registrar of joint stock companies of Bangladesh.

With the objective of developing technical expertise to an internationally accepted level and to assist Bangladesh in augmenting development efforts, the Company has developed into one of the leading consultancy organisations in Asia and has been operating as a full-time professional organisation since 2001.

The company is committed to efficient planning and social and engineering sector projects, combining technical skill with environmental sensitivity. The company concentrates on developing effective and practical solutions through the traditional steps of feasibility study, engineering design, project planning, preparation and management, and supervision. All projects are backed by firm's full professional liability insurance. The DTCL become a DTCL group of companies to render diversified services to its client which are:


To become a centre of excellence in consultancy sector


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